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  • Coaches, Commercials, and Community

    8/31/2016 2:26:41 PM - by JP Miller

    Summer is always an exciting time for us. People are buying new cars, the lots are busy and beautiful, and we’re sponsoring all sorts of events around Central Kentucky. On top of that, summer is also when we shoot our annual commercials with the UK coaches. Why summer? Because it’s the only time they’re not busy coaching our teams to do great things! So for a day or two every July or August, we become a full-blown commercial studio. 

    Coach Cal giving our team a pep talk. Customer service first, always!

    Last year, we shot our commercials at the beautiful and historic Dixiana Farm. Driving fantastic Ford vehicles around some jaw-dropping scenery in the heart of horse country was a great time for the coaches and everyone else at the shoot, and the commercials we created were unforgettable. This year, we’re bringing it back to the dealership, focusing on what the coaches mean to Kentucky and to Paul Miller in a new campaign called Your True Blue Dealer.

    Coach Cal knows who Kentucky's True Blue dealer is--and he's happy about it.

    What does it mean to be Central Kentucky’s True Blue Dealer? It comes down to the values we all carry: family, community, loyalty, and tradition. It’s been our honor to serve our community, both in and outside the dealership, for three generations. We always keep our reputation as Kentucky’s trusted Ford dealer in mind, building it up in everything we do. We try to always do things the right way: treating customers the way we’d treat our own families, selling only the highest quality vehicles, and always giving back to the community that’s supported us for the past 60+ years. 

    Coach Mitchell wants to know what this red car is doing in his True Blue dealership!

    Ready--set--get the door!

    That’s why we sponsor UK Athletics. Being a UK Athletics Benchmark Sponsor is one of the many ways we give back to our community. UK sports are important to everyone in Kentucky (including us!), and we’re proud to support them and to have the coaches represent our brand. UK’s incredible athletics program is a legacy of building up young people into incredible leaders and athletes—the future of our community. It’s been a natural partnership for us for many years now, and I look forward to continuing it in the future.

    Who's on Santa and Coach Cal's naughty list?

    Those Christmas sweaters look great on Coach Mitchell and Coach Stoops, don't you think?

    We’re finishing up our commercial shoots this week, and you should be seeing the first Your True Blue Dealer spots on television, radio, and social media very soon. This is one of my favorite times of year, and I’m so excited for all of you to see the product of our hard work. Until then, and always, we remain committed to being Your True Blue Dealer, serving the people of Kentucky with quality vehicles and incredible service—just as we have for three generations.

    Coach Stoops relaxing between takes. Commercial shoots are hard work, but they're still fun!

  • Summertime Means Sponsorships

    7/25/2016 10:02:22 AM - by JP Miller

    It’s summer in the Bluegrass, which means every weekend is filled with fun events throughout the community. Live music, sports tournaments, movie nights—there’s no shortage of things going on, and everyone’s out and about enjoying the beautiful Kentucky weather. I’m proud that the Paul Miller Autogroup is involved in all of it though sponsorships of all types.

    We serve all of Central Kentucky, so we try to reach the people in our community through activities that appeal to many different groups. For example, we’re a sponsor of Fountain Films on Friday, which occur Friday evenings at Triangle Park in the heart of downtown Lexington. Paul Miller Ford is sponsoring showings of The Bad News Bears on August 5 and Rocky on August 26. Paul Miller Mazda is sponsoring showings of Top Gun on July 29 and The Addams Family on August 19. The movie nights are great outings for the whole family, and the gorgeous downtown location is a throwback to our original location on Main Street. We’ll be at all four of our sponsored nights, handing out bug spray and raffling off gear signed by UK Athletics Coaches.

    Triangle Park gets packed for Fountain Films on Friday—come early and bring a blanket!

    We’re also a sponsor of the premier season of Lakeside Live, a live music event happening every Friday and Saturday evening at Lexington Green through mid-October. We’re providing complimentary valet parking, so come on by, drop off your car, and enjoy a great evening of food, drinks, and live music from local, regional, and national acts. The Fortune Collision Centre crew and the team from Zipie will also be there on their featured nights handing out goodies and raffling off great prizes! Lakeside Live is a great way for Lexington to kick off the weekend, and we’re thrilled to see so many people there every week.

    A great view and a great crowd at Lakeside Live.

     Summer also means golf. I’m a big golfer, so I’m always happy for the opportunity to get involved in golf tournaments for good causes. A couple coming up on our radar: the Alltech Employee Golf Scramble, which is taking place on July 29; Golf Fore The Hungry, presented by Paul Miller Ford, on August 21 – 22; and the Young Leaders Society Golf Scramble, on August 29. 

    Golf Fore The Hungry, which started in 2004, connects Central Kentucky golfers with God’s Pantry Food Bank to reduce hunger in our community and region. In the past 12 years, the tournament has raised nearly $500,000! We’re proud to sponsor the tournament—be on the lookout for our teams at a couple holes along the course, and join us for a dinner and silent auction the night before. You can read all about the event here.

    As you can tell, our summer is packed with events beyond the borders of our 27-acre campus. Our continuing commitment to sponsoring activities that benefit our community is part of our heritage, and it’s just one way we’ve served Central Kentucky for three generations. I hope to see you and your families out there—just look for the Paul Miller logo! 

  • Why Create A Flag Out Of Cars? The Real Question Is: Why Wouldn't You?

    7/15/2016 3:57:01 PM - by JP Miller

    Here at Paul Miller, we like to do things a little differently. We’ve been around for three generations and we’re always trying to think of ways to change the game in car sales. So when the Fourth of July approached, we needed to think outside the box when it came to celebrating such an important holiday.

    As you may have seen on social media, we achieved that in a big way. We took 123 red, white, and blue Ford and Mazda vehicles from our inventory, cleared out a parking lot, and assembled a massive car mosaic in the shape of an American flag. The finished design covered 22,000 square feet, so we sent up a drone to capture the full scale of the flag. We also set up time-lapse cameras to capture the process, and the end result is pretty mesmerizing. 

     So why did we do this? Why didn’t we just buy a big flag, run it up a flag pole, and wish everyone a happy Independence Day? Because when you come up with a cool idea, and you can make it happen, you should absolutely do it. We’re fortunate enough to have the resources necessary to pull something like this off—we have an inventory of hundreds of vehicles in a variety of colors, so we could assemble the correct number of red, white, and blue cars and trucks. We have a 27-acre campus, so we could move vehicles around and clear the parking lot between Paul Miller Auto Outlet and Paul Miller Ford for the day of the shoot. We have a large, dedicated, and talented staff, so we were able to park the vehicles in a pattern with precision and speed. And we have a marketing agency, Zipie, that was able to pull the project together and work with a video and drone team to record it, edit it, and post and promote it.

    To say that the video made a splash online is putting it lightly. I’m still amazed by how far it went—it reached over 1.1 million people on Facebook, due in large part to thousands of people watching and sharing it on their own pages. The video was viewed over half a million times. We received coverage on dozens of news and automotive blogs and websites across the country and even saw some international coverage.

    Seeing results like that is fantastic, of course, but what I’m most pleased by is knowing that we created something that resonated with our customers. They saw it, they liked it, they shared it with their friends. 

    I believe this will pay dividends for our dealership in the days, months, and years to come—in fact, we’ve already seen benefits from it—but that’s not why you do something like this. We did it because it was a way to celebrate and honor Independence Day in a way that was authentic to who we are as an autogroup. We’re honored to have done something special for our customers and humbled to have earned more business because of it. That’s the purest kind of success. 

    So what comes next? We’ll continue to think up new ways to show off who we are and how we’re different. Who knows—maybe you’ll even see a giant car mosaic this Christmas. Stick around and be sure to follow us on Facebook for the very latest of what we’re up to. 

  • 10th Annual Dads & Grads Car Show Draws a Crowd for a Good Cause

    6/28/2016 7:05:04 AM - by JP Miller

    What better way to spend a hot June afternoon than eating food and celebrating a great tradition?

    Saturday, June 19 was the 10th annual Dads and Grads Car Show, presented by Paul Miller Ford in partnership with the Bluegrass Mustang Club and hosted at Paul Miller Auto Outlet in Lexington. What a great party! We had an impressive turnout—so many people came that the Kentucky Strong BBQ truck ran through all 400 sandwiches and had to start offering hot dogs! Not only that, we had an awesome total of 143 fantastic vehicles of all makes and models: vintage cars, modern cars, and everything in between.

    But it wasn’t just cars we were celebrating. Even though it’s called a “car show,” Dads and Grads is so much more that just that. It’s members of the community coming together, it’s strangers becoming friends, and let me tell you, it’s a beautiful sight. Everyone was smiling, eating, and just having a good time, gathered together for the silent auction (124 bid sheets in total), raffles, door prizes, and of course, the cars.

    One standout car was a 75-year-old 1941 Ford Station Wagon Super Deluxe, restored by the dedicated and talented Mr. Martin R. Pitts.

    The Station Wagon, originally sold to Calumet Farm in 1941, is in beautiful condition. Mr. Pitts bought it from Calumet in 1963, when it had undergone a few repairs: a rebuilt motor, new varnish, a new coat of paint, a new clutch, and a new motor entirely, just to name a few. Mr. Pitts took this car and restored it to all its former glory, including a sleek black paint job--a new but much welcomed change from the original maroon. It’s a beauty, and it definitely doesn’t look like it has 117,000 miles on it. I can only hope our dealership looks as good when it reaches 75 years of age!

    Mr. Pitts started his long-time car-restoration hobby in 1958 with a 1930 Ford Model A, and has restored cars from just about every era since. We’re so honored that Mr. Pitts chose to showcase his vehicle at Dads and Grads, and we hope he continues his incredible work.

    Just like Mr. Pitts and his car, Paul Miller Ford has a long and respectable history. Ever since 1953, we’ve been helping customers find the car that’s right for them. And it all started with my grandfather, Paul E. Miller, selling newspapers on a Charleston street corner. Because of his passion for selling cars and for providing great service, we’ve been able to pass that tradition down to our customers. Because we wouldn’t be here without them, newcomers and regulars alike.

    It’s our honor to have served our community for such a long time, and part of that is giving back. So we partnered with the Bluegrass Mustang Club to give back through the Dads and Grads Car Show by donating all net proceeds to a number of local charities: Sweet Blessings Bakery, Boy Scout Troop 859, Easter Seals Cardinal Hill, and the UK Children’s Hospital, whom we’ve been supporting for quite a while now. These organizations have provided Lexington with amazing services and it’s only right that we give back to them for all the hard work they’ve put in.

    This year was the tenth annual Dads and Grads event; it’s something we look forward to each year. Mark your calendars for next June--we’ll see you and your family then!

  • The Story Behind the Shoes: Why I bought 50 pairs of sneakers for my sales staff

    6/7/2016 7:30:09 AM - by JP Miller

    Several weeks ago, I decided to buy shoes for my sales teams. A lot of shoes.

    This might strike some people as strange, but for me, it’s just another way to take care of our employees and in turn they take care of our customers.

    I believe in the difference a good pair of shoes can make. I’m on my feet just about all day, every day, so a pair of well-made, well-fitted, comfortable shoes is vital. Why do I move around so much? Part of it is because our campus is big—27 acres in total. And while I’m running around, helping out and attending meetings at our different dealerships, it’s nothing compared to what our sales teams do. We’re coming up on a busy time of year. We’re seeing more repeat customers than ever, and I know that everyone is going to be up and moving around a lot over the next few months. I know the difference good shoes make for me—why not provide that for my sales team?

    So that’s exactly what I did.

    I knew I wanted to get the best, and I wanted to support another local business in the process. That’s why the first thing I did was visit John’s Run Walk Shop, a locally-owned shoe store that’s been part of the Lexington community since 1978. They’re the experts when it comes to footwear. I told their salesperson that I wanted to buy about 50 pairs of shoes; he said he’d go get his manager. (Apparently they don’t have a lot of people walking in and asking for several dozen pairs at once—who knew?) I asked if they could help fit our sales employees with new running shoes; and being the accommodating folks they are, they said of course.

    It took a fair amount of planning—we’re not a small dealership, after all, and bringing enough shoe styles and sizes to find the perfect fit for everyone on our sales team meant essentially building a pop-up shop in the middle of our showroom. It took about two weeks to get everything together, but we finally unloaded several hundred pairs of shoes in our Ford showroom and I channeled my inner Oprah—“You get new running shoes! And you get new running shoes! Everyone gets new running shoes!”


    It took a few tries for the message to sink in, but once the team from John’s started getting everyone fitted, the sales crew finally realized what was going on. The surprise and delight on their faces was the highlight of my month.


    Now that we’re all rocking our new footwear, we’ll be able to serve our customers even better.  Our sales teams won’t hesitate to run across a lot to find the exact vehicle a customer is looking for, or head over to another one of our dealerships if a customer’s needs would be better met by another of our brands. Because the sales team now has their perfect fit, they can help our customers find theirs. We’re focused on helping our customers drive happy through extraordinary service; new shoes and happy feet are just one way I can help make that happen.